A Thanksgiving Surprise

Thanksgiving Surprise

So I’m writing this on Thanksgiving Day 2013. And I am just SO thankful I’ve been able to live my life the way I always wanted, as a Rock and Roll Soundman. I’m thankful I didn’t spend my life working at a job I hated, or worse yet, married to some poor girl I no longer loved. I’m also thankful for the many great bands I’ve had to honor to work for, to help bring their music out to the masses. This, in my opinion, is real rock and roll public service. What you’re about to hear is very special to me. I had just finished mixing one of the best sets of one of the best rock bands I’d ever worked with. I was then confronted by every sound guy’s worst nightmare. The band walked back on stage and I had just dumped the mix! Luckily I hadn’t normalled out the board. So the band began to play once again and, I threw up the faders. Everything was totally out of control. I was out of control behind the board, the band was out of control on stage, and most important, the crowd was out of control all over the club. Then it ALL came together perfectly, just like REAL fawking rock and roll SHOULD. Yeah, I let the backing vocal get away from me. But knowing the back up singer as I did, I’m SURE he had no problem with that. And once the singing stopped, I rode those instrument faders right up over the top, red lining the system well into limiter land. Thank God Allan, the house engineer, kept the recorder running because mixing this song had to be one of the best seven minutes in my life. I am very THANKFUL for that. For any REAL Boston rocker, neither this band or this song needs any introduction. And for all my young musician friends down here in Austin, all I can say is; “Listen and Learn kiddies!” HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!

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