The Lyres Spit on the Local Scene, 7-18-80

Lyres – Don’t Give it Up Now – How Do You Know

This is a live room mic recording I made of a Lyres mix I did at Spit back in 1980. Unfortunately the low end there always sounded like you were mixing sound in a subway tunnel. Spit never advertised its bands. We’d simply put a black curtain up in front of the stage every Friday night; and come midnight, you got whoever we got for you. THIS night, we played the Lyre’s single over the DJ system, then I faded Jeff’s organ up through the PA, as Oedipus faded down the single and someone dropped the curtain. The crowd response was actually surprisingly good. I also threw in that night’s mix of my fave Lyres song, “How Do You Know.” Like I said, pardon the room acoustics and the mix. But in my opinion, the band’s performance was great. So kick back, turn it up, and enjoy!

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