OBN IIIs – Rockin Spins / Worries (Live at Beerland, 7/25/14)

OBN IIIs – Rockin Spins / Worries (Live at Beerland 7/25/14)

Our friends the OBN IIIs have gone through a bit of a personnel change during the past few months. Orville Bateman Neeley III is now fronting the band behind his guitar and Monster Marley is still pounding on the best tuned drum kit in Austin. Lead guitarist Terror Tom has added a whole new dynamic as he intermeshes guitars with Orville. And Young Michael is now picking up the bass and back up vocals.

So we went down to the always cool Beerland Texas on July 25th to cover live sound and help kick things off for the new ensemble’s record release party in true ass kicking style. If you think the new album Third Time to Harm is good, just wait until you hear these two live songs from it. What you are about to hear is proof that great bands can belt it out live just as well on stage as in the studio. Now I’ll just shut up and let the OBN IIIs music do the rest of the talking. Turn it up and enjoy.

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