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Audiotech Austin is a small, locally owned and operated tech service facility which serves Austin’s music and entertainment communities. Originally started as a side business up in South Boston during 1986, and then relocated to Austin in 2009, our business model has always been based upon providing top quality service to our customers at fair prices. It’s that simple. Over the years, Audiotech Austin has established itself as the “go-to” audio shop for those “in the know” throughout the Austin area, as well as many bands on the road. Unlike other shops, we do not rush through every repair as fast as we can – that’s because we prefer to do things right. But when rush situations DO occur, we meet those needs as best we can, many times offering immediate service and never charging extra for it as many of our competitors do – we are not the type of business to capitalize on the misfortune of a touring band or any other customer who finds themselves with a sudden tech problem just before a gig or a tour. When it comes to scheduling repairs, just be honest with us. We operate on the Honor System, and that has worked well for us and our many customers over the years.

We also service, rebuild, and restore top quality audiophile gear such as vintage Dynaco, Scott, Fisher, Marantz, and McIntosh, as well as URIE, Altech, JBL, Electro-voice, and vintage analog mixing consoles such as Stevenson, Soundcraft, Yamaha, and Midas. Because vintage sound and studio gear such as this should never be rushed, special projects such as these are painstakingly completed with the tender loving care they require and deserve.

Our subsidiary company, Donahue Audio (www.donahueaudio.com) manufactures top quality Audiophile/Hi Fi equipment such as the all tube model TPA-160 power amp. These products are made using the finest parts available from The United States and the European Union. Our Genalex tubes are manufactured in Russia by US based New Sensor/Electro Harmonix located in New Your City. And all of these products we make are hand wired by American workers right here in Austin Texas, The Live Music Capital of the World.

Though audio repair and manufacturing are our main lines of service, we also provide small to large sound systems for people who are truly SERIOUS about their sound. But we are a full service company. Unlike the larger rental houses here in Austin who specialize in cheap powered speakers and “all in one” digital consoles, we do not provide over-the-counter equipment rentals to the public through credit cards. We offer QUALITY analog gear which is always provided “delivered, set-up, and operated” by our professional and talented Sound Engineers. Unlike those other “inexpensive to rent” systems, our sound systems don’t just make a lot of noise; they provide you, your talent, and your audience, with clear intelligible vocals as well as distinct separation of all your instruments, real pro sound. So whether you’re looking for quality amp repair, vintage equipment restoration, or a small, medium, or large sized quality sound system, we put the same level of professional knowledge, skill, pride, and workmanship into every project we help you with.

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Thank you for taking time to read about us and considering Audiotech Austin for your technical needs. For more information, contact our owner directly: jack@audiotechaustin.com or call (512) 673-7141

We are open for business Monday – Saturday: NOON – 7:00 pm
We also offer other hours by appointment.