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From South Boston to South Austin

(pictured above: Jack mixing sound with his first custom built sound board back in 1973)

Jack Donahue began his long and colorful career in the sound and entertainment industry in 1972, back when many of today’s vintage amps were actually new. Formally trained in electronics and vacuum tube technology, Jack began repairing Marshall, Fender, and Ampeg tube amps at the age of 19. Shortly after that, he found himself working as a tech for major international acts as well as performing sound engineer duties for live and studio projects. He founded Audiotech in Boston in 1986 which encompassed both the technical and sound engineering aspects of his expertise.Sometime in 2009, Jack visited the “Live Music Capital of the World” and was instantly enchanted by the city. Upon returning to Boston, he made plans to move Audiotech down to the Lone Star State. Packing up the truck with everything he could carry, Jack hit the road and migrated to the Capital of Texas.

Jack brings an extensive level of pride, experience, and knowledge with him that he applies to every job he takes on. He doesn’t just want to be thought of as a regular Austin amp technician; he wants to be known as the guy that not only fixes your amplifier, but makes it sound better than ever. Audiotech Austin is THE place to have your classic vintage equipment properly repaired, restored, and put back to stock.  It is also your only real source of affordable sound rentals with truly experienced professional sound engineers.

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